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EmailYahoo is one of the best and oldest email platforms. It has been always one of the people’s favorite and the platform is also widely used until the present days. As one of the oldest mail platform which provides marketing and telecommunications service, Yahoo already developed massive customer base consisting millions of users around the globe.

Yahoo mail provides free email services which indeed suitable for the personal purpose, but it also provides business email service for business purpose. The free email is supported by advertised, but if you want to remove the ads; you can upgrade the email to mail plus service with $12 for a year.

As one of the most favorite email platform, Yahoo mail has plenty features to support its email service. Here are some of the most amazing features of Yahoo.

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EmailYahoo – Features of Yahoo! Mail Service


Email contacts – Yahoo mail contact works similarly as address book where you store contact information of companies and people. Using the email contacts, you can get the access to the information and send it to single or multiple emails at once. You can access the email contacts through Yahoo website or even print the contact out.

Security and spam – Sometimes you receive plenty marketing emails even when you are not requesting for it. This kind of email is defined as spam email by Yahoo. The spam and security features from EmailYahoo allow you to sort spam emails or unwanted emails. Once the email is marked as spam; it will be automatically placed in the spam folder. In addition, you can also use the block feature to block address or image that you do not like.

Slideshows feature – The most recent features of Yahoo is it turns Flickr and Picasa albums into slideshows which you can directly view in the mail window. The slideshow feature somehow works as an advertisement. When you click the “view slideshow”, it will darken the screen and open a new window for photos. Then you can enlarge the photo to full screen.

Few more important features

Filter feature – Yahoo now offers filter feature which allows you to filter your email out in the inbox. You can sort the emails into seven types of attachments such as Office document, photos, PDF files, music, and videos. Other email platforms do not employ such features in which the feature makes you easier to find what kind of attachment that you are searching.

Social media integration – EmailYahoo mail is now integrated with Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to post as well as read status directly from the “What’s New” page. In addition, the Yahoo also allows you to break SMS messages from separate tabs into a pop-up window, so, you can drag it around the screen.

Keyboard shortcut – This email platform definitely offers the users easiness of use. It has keyboard shortcuts which make you easier to create and send new email without have to click on the button. For example, the “n” key is used to create a new email and “p” key is used to print the mail.

EmailYahoo – Free Email Yahoo! Mail Service
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  1. Barbara Broyles Reply

    Can not get into my yahoo new e-mails. Say account is out of date. Changed password, was on the
    phone with ATT for over 1 hour and now it is worse. They said I should change my sign-on to I need help. This has been going on since 2-27-17/. Need to chat with someone who can help me.

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