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Since its launch in 1997, Ymail has been offering free services to people who pay for these email services are those who use it for business purposes. Ymail is owned and operated by an American company. There are very many features and benefits that a person will come across when they sign up for a Ymail login account but before getting to know more about its features it is important for a person to know how they should sign up for an account.

Create Ymail Account – How to sign up

Step one: go to www.yahoomail.com

An individual should begin by typing this URL in their browser. When this is typed an individual has filled a certain form. Some of the things that should be filled include the owner’s full name. After this, an individual will be directed to choose a user identity. A person is free to use any identity just provided they can recall the identity.

The third and equally important thing is the password an individual will be using for a certain account. When selecting a password, an individual should make sure that they have chosen a password they can remember. Such passwords should not be easy to guess or that which can be known to other people.



The last step an individual should go through is to verify their registration using a code that is sent to them through short messaging services. It is important for a person to know that at some point this message might delay depending on the network stability of their phone. This calls for patience so that the procedure can be completed.

Create my account

The last step a person has to do is to click on create my account. Clicking on this button automatically creates a person’s account and their account will be ready for use.

The steps provided above are those that a person who is using a computer, desktop or laptop can follow. It is important for a person to know that technology is becoming simpler and therefore other will prefer to use a mobile phone or sign up or another platform other than a computer.

Creating a Ymail account on a mobile platform

There are some people who prefer using a mobile phone and others do not have access to computers. Such individuals see it wise to sign up using a mobile phone. Given that a computer and a mobile phone are slightly different, the procedures followed when signing up for an account on these two platforms are slightly different.

Even though they are different but the differences are not much. Before a person makes up their mind to sign up for a Ymail account on a mobile phone they should make sure that their mobile phone can easily access the internet. Those people who are using androids, window phones, tablets, IOS or high-quality Nokia phone can sign up with ease.

Those people who are interested in checking out their emails every now and then might find it difficult to keep on looking for a computer. Such individuals can successfully do the same thing on their Smartphone. These are the steps a person who is using a mobile phone can go through:

Stage one: important information

Note down important information needed for signing up. There are some things an individual will be requested to fill in a certain form. This set of information includes the following:

  1. A country which can be Britain, America or any other depending on one’s place of residence.
  2. Gender which can be male, female or other.
  3. Phone number.
  4. Date of birth in the right order.
  5. One’s full name or that of a person whose account is being created.
  6. Email identity which is easy to remember.
  7. The password which will provide security to a person’s account.

Stage two: go to the browser

Mobile phones have a different browser like chrome, Google, opera mini and UC browser. An individual should use one of these browsers to go to www.yahoomail.com. For a person to do this successfully they should make sure that the phone has internet connectivity and has enough data bundles.

Once a person has opened this page, they should fill the form that will be displayed accurately. It is important for a person to ensure that they have used accurate information so that they can remember it with ease. For instance, a person who cooks the date of birth will soon forget such a date and it might not be easy for them to enjoy using the email account.

Verification of the account

Just the same way a person who has signed up using a computer will be required to verify their account, those who use mobile phones have not been secluded from this step. After verifying the account one will land on a page that welcomes them to the Ymail account. Now enter details on Ymail login page to enter into the inbox.

Signing up using mobile applications

It might be time-consuming and tedious to sign up through a browser. A person who has downloaded the right application can also sign up with increased ease. The application provides an individual with easy steps that are similar to those followed when doing it online.

It should be remembered that this application will only function when the phone has good internet connectivity.

Ymail Login – Signing to a Yahoo Mail account


Once a person has created an account they will be required to Ymail login every now and then so that they can read emails and send emails. When a person wants to log into their account, whether on a mobile phone or on a computer, they will have to go to the login page for yahoo. This is the time the password and user identity becomes important because there is no way a person will log in without any of the two.

Features of Ymail Login

There are some features which make Ymail admirable and they include the following:

  1. Ymail has enough storage of up to one terabyte.
  2. It has powerful security features.
  3. It easily detects spam messages
  4. Allows one to send all forms of media files in form of attachments.
Ymail Login – Ymail Sign in – Create Ymail Account – Yahoo Mail
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